Dec 9, 2012

3 + 3 with Kindergarten

Three lines and three colours — straight, curvy and zig-zag with the primary colours plus black and white. The lines were painted in black earlier in the day and the colours blocked in later on, unfortunately the black wasn't 100% dry so it muddied the colours in parts. I'd never been with this class previously, so it was a bit of an unknown bringing out the paint... but I think they did a great job!

I recalled seeing this lesson on Christie's Fine Lines blog and really should have paid more attention to her instruction to wait until the black is dry : )


  1. These turned out great!! I'm impressed with your kindergarteners' brush control (and I kind of like how the black mixed a bit with some of the colors -- gives them a painterly quality!!!)

  2. Thanks Mrs C and Miriam, and a big thanks Christie for the inspiration : )