May 13, 2016

Vertical Landscapes

Year one made these vertical landscapes in three steps. Initially I led a guided drawing lesson in pencil. Next, the students traced their "good" lines with black markers and did a little erasing. Finally they coloured them any way they chose with watercolour paint.

We had just completed a science unit of work about landscapes, and it seemed only appropriate to attempt this classic art form. I took inspiration from one of Kathy Barbro's many fine lessons on Art Projects For Kids. For any eagle eyes out there, please ignore the missing comma on the class display text!


  1. They look fantastic!

    1. Thanks Trins! Must be due for some aunty time soon... : )

  2. These are really beautiful, and minimal in the best way. Something about them reminds me of Gauguin's work - maybe the colorful mountain backdrop.

  3. High praise Hope! Thanks so much for saying so : )

  4. These are wonderful. Nice job.

  5. They are beautiful! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  6. Beautiful! I love it! Also the fact that it's vertical... it's different!

  7. Joe, thanks these are beautiful. A few questions:
    1) how did you introduce the project? Did you show them examples of artist's paintings, if so, which ones?
    2) What size and type paper?
    3) Could this be done in one lesson, or did you use two days?
    4) Were these pan watercolors or liquid?
    Palo Alto

  8. Thanks Andrea!
    It was a fairly spontaneous lesson...
    I drew an example in the lunch break, we had a look at this and then I lead the guided drawing lesson.
    The paper was around A3 in size.
    A better time manager than me could do it in one lesson! (also we don't have enough watercolours for everyone to paint at once...)
    And we used pan watercolours.
    All the best : )