Jul 7, 2013

Value Scapes

I'm often surprised that some lessons are very popular with visitors to my site while other ideas that I thought might resonate with a wide audience have a lot less people viewing them. Perhaps "good" art lessons and ideas are just like "good art" in general - very subjective. That's fine though, art wouldn't be what it is without this innate characteristic. Anyway enough rambling... I was a bit surprised to see 10min Value Landscapes very quickly become my all time most popular post. I hindsight it may have something to do with teachers wanting to avoid messy painting clean-ups!

Here are a small selection of "value-scapes" a year 6 class created in computer class earlier in the year. They viewed the aforementioned post and I asked if they could see a way to extend the initial idea or put a new twist on it. In a break from tradition I've just posted a few that stood out for me.


  1. I know how you feel - my most popular post and pin was a cute but shallow (not much curriculum content or personal vision) holiday craft that I did on a whim with a group of students I was kind of babysitting - not a regular art class. Sigh. Luckily the post also showed some 5th grade painting techniques, but that's not what brought people there.

  2. Thanks Hope, it's good to know other people have been taken by surprise - but I'm sure your "cute craft" is not as shallow as it seems to you! I better stop by your blog for a look : )