Nov 18, 2012

Shiny Bright Flowers

This is first time I've worked with a year one class since beginning this blog. I don't think I used the word with the students, but this was an exercise in minimalism. With an abundance of negative space there's nothing to distract your gaze from these shiny bright flowers.

The children were asked to free-cut without pre-drawing beforehand. Each flower was made with two colours plus greenery. Most of the petals are more geometric than organic in shape but I think this gives the flowers their energetic appearance. Perhaps in a future lesson I'll ask for roughly triangular, rounded or even droopy triangles rather than these more regular ones. It would be interesting to see the effect this would have.


  1. For a year one class, the cutting skills are excellent. Do Your guys start school when they turn 5, like ours? An added twist could be to have the kids add their flower to a long piece of communal paper. The grass could be what ties them together. I love them.

  2. Thanks on their behalf! Here in NSW kids start kindy at the beginning of the school year in which they turn 5 before July 31. I think some other Australian states are like New Zealand and start as they turn 5. I like your communal idea too : )