Jul 8, 2012

Techno Fish

Being a relief teacher, I undertake a variety of roles within the schools I visit. Sometimes I'm on one class for the day and other times I end up being the school librarian. And sometimes I end up taking a class for their allocated time in the computer lab. It's normally a short lesson, especially after moving into the room, powering up and logging on. The children usually find painting with the computers a welcome relief from internet research, word documents and the like... especially faced with a fun and colourful challenge.

These pixel paintings are the result of a very short lesson with a 4/5 composite class. I began by showing a fish I had completed myself while working with another class, and then asked the students to create their own fish. For many students this was enough of a spark, while others needed some more structure. So I began painting another fish on the large screen explaining the tools and quirks associated with the program. Soon enough they were all busy creating. 

Unfortunately on this particular occasion the students had only just over 20 minutes actually painting, and much worse – I didn't manage to successfully save all the childrens' art... I am still technologically challenged at times, but I will persevere! But for a quick gap-filling lesson I'm really impressed with the students' responses. If you're anything like me, looking at these fish you can't help but smile.

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